Sports Bottle With Nylon Rope

Sports Bottle With Nylon Rope

Sports bottle with nylon rope, translucent

Product Details

This is a sports water bottle with nylon rope. It has translucent colors and full transparent colors. It has a very bright color of the cup, and then it is very beautiful with colored fruits. The capacity of the cup is 530ML, which is just suitable. The water is not heavy, and it is much more convenient to have a rope. This cup-shaped cup is placed in the side bag of the backpack, and it fits right down. It is a very practical plastic cup. We can design any pattern and text on it. It’s okay to print the photo or name of the person you like. Now that the technology is more and more developed, we can all realize this on the computer before the finished product is released.

Diameter: 6.5CM

Height: 20CM

Gram weight: 81G

Capacity: 530ML

Carton size: 39*39*42CM

Packing number: 50/carton

Net weight: 4.1KG

Gross weight: 6.1KG

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