Can Spray Water Sports Bottle

Can Spray Water Sports Bottle

Sports bottle that can spray water at the touch of a button

Product Details

An essential water bottle for exercise. This water bottle is very suitable for outdoor sports. It will spray a gentle and fine water mist when you press it, allowing you to feel cool during exercise

Diameter: 6.6CM

Height: 26CM

Gram weight: 135G

Capacity: 600ML

Carton size: 49*49*54CM

Packing number: 50/carton

Net weight: 6.8KG

Gross weight: 8.8KG

This cup also has a graduation mark. It is very accurate. It can be placed on the shelf of the bicycle's water bottle. This sprinkler can spray water on the face and hands, and it can also be drunk. The small dust-proof cover design is very intimate. This cup has a direct drinking water outlet, which is also very convenient. Pull up to open, press down to close, and a portable handle

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