Double Plastic Cup

Double Plastic Cup

Double-layer plastic cup with rope

Product Details

Double-layer plastic cup with rope, with folding straw for easy drinking

Diameter: 8.1CM

Height: 21.2CM

Gram weight: 152.7G

Capacity: 248ML

Carton size: 42.5*42.5*44.4CM

Packing number: 50/carton

Net weight: 7.6KG

Gross weight: 9.1KG

Double-layered cup design, more heat preservation, more convenient folding nozzle, personalized curved cup body, very special, multi-functional lid, drinking cup mouth can be switched in size, this is a very practical and stylish cup, purple It is very eye-catching. We have made various styles of printing renderings for you to choose from. Double-layer cups, you can put sequins in it, you can choose the shape and color of the sequins according to the customer's preference, we usually put 3G sequins into it. We can also provide laser marking, you can engrave the celebrity quotes you want to write or the name of the person you like, so that your cup is the only cup in the world, no one is like you, you can also engrave two A cup that is exactly the same, for your significant other, wow, only you in the world have such a cup of the same style, how romantic it is

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