Bpa Free Water Bottle

Bpa Free Water Bottle

Delicate touch matte paint plastic water cup

Product Details

The outside of the cup is sprayed with rubber paint, so it looks different from ordinary plastic cups. Rubber paint is also called leather paint, hand-feel paint, and fluff paint. It is sprayed on the surface of the object in a matte or semi-matte state, with a delicate and smooth hand feeling, and an elegant and solemn appearance. Excellent scratch resistance, weather resistance and abrasion resistance. Comply with green printing, without any harm to human body. Good adhesion. It can also conceal defects or water trapping in general injection molding.

Diameter: 6CM

Height: 22.5CM

Gram weight: 84G

Capacity: 530ML

Carton size: 36.5*36.5*47CM

Packing number: 50/carton

Net weight: 4.2KG

Gross weight: 6.2KG

Rubber paint is widely used in ABS, PVC, PC, PS, and other plastic products, as well as hardware, metal, bakelite, wood, ceramics and other products sprayed with special primer.

The sprayed product has a special soft, smooth, delicate, fleshy touch and a rubber-like texture that feels the same as the skin, giving people a very pleasant feeling, comfortable and pleasant. Make the decorated products more noble and elegant, tidy and generous, and show the value of the products.

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