Folding Nozzle Cup

Folding Nozzle Cup

Plastic cup with foldable nozzle

Product Details

The double-layered cup is more insulated, and the suction nozzle can be folded, which is more convenient. It is also suitable for large-volume drinking.

Diameter: 7.3CM

Height: 26.3CM

Gram weight: 189G TX:217G

Capacity: 560ML

Carton size: 46*46*54.6CM

Packing number: 50/carton

Net weight: 9.5KG

Gross weight: 11.5KG

We are now directly using technology P to print the cups we like, so that customers can have more choices. If you have favorite patterns, styles can be provided to us, and we let the technical department make the renderings for you to see. more convenient. Now that technology is becoming more and more developed, we have been making progress no matter in life or work. Technology has brought us many benefits and conveniences. We must make full use of modern technology to achieve our more ideal results.You see, the pattern we made up looks very good, the full cartoon pattern circle effect is really good, we can make transparent, solid color, solid color cup, our lid will also The color of the cup body is very flexible.


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