Cola Shape Plastic Cup

Cola Shape Plastic Cup

Cola shaped plastic cup with bamboo lid

Product Details

Cola shaped plastic cup, environmentally friendly bamboo lid, thick stainless steel non-slip design bottom

Diameter: 7.1CM

Height: 25.7CM

Gram weight: 109G

Capacity: 666ML

Carton size:

Packing number: 50/carton

The 666ML cola-shaped plastic cup has a very unique appearance. The lid is a bamboo lid, which is very textured. The texture of the cup body is also very novel. The bottom of the cup is thickened with stainless steel, which is non-slip and anti-drop. It is very suitable for outdoor home office. A cup, if you want to change the lid, you can also change the lid lid or stainless steel lid, the rope can also be added, very good match.


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