340ML Fat Double Plastic Cup

340ML Fat Double Plastic Cup

340ML fat double plastic cup,There are sparkling sequins inside

Product Details

Diameter: 9.3CM
Height: 14.5CM
Gram weight: 132G
Capacity: 340ML
Carton size: 48.5*48.5*31CM
Packing number: 50/carton
Net weight: 6.6KG
Gross weight: 8.1KG

This cup is chubby and short. Is it cute? It looks like a cute penguin with a big belly. This cup is double-layered and contains a lot of sequins. You can choose the shape and color of the sequins. , The regular configuration we put 3G weight sequins, 6-sided, we can also put five-pointed star, round, gold, silver, red, all. This cup is also equipped with a lid. Do you see if this lid looks like a penguin’s pointed mouth? It’s cute. Use it in the office. When you’re tired at work, look at this cute cup. Your eyes and mood are all You can relax.

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