We Went To Study For Two Days And Live And Learned

- Sep 30, 2020-

I haven’t updated the news section since I’ve been so busy these days. A few days ago, the company sent us to Hangzhou for training and classes for two days and learned a lot of things, mainly to promote our products on various social networking sites. I have zero foundation on some social platforms.  So it was a bit difficult to listen to the class, and I couldn't keep up with the ability of understanding. Fortunately, after the course was over, the teacher sent us the PPT. When I came back, I could review the PPT.

The class with us are also people who do foreign trade like us. Most of them are relatively young. Some of them have just graduated from university and are only 22 years old. They are really at the same age. I envy them at such a young age.  With such good and professional training, I believe they can quickly contribute to the country's economic development.

During the break between classes, we also communicated with them about the current market and direction, and understood what products they are doing, what their sales are, and what operating methods they use. We can learn from each other, and we can also cooperate for mutual benefit.  .

 After the two-day course, we have to come back to digest the newly learned knowledge and apply it to practice.