Several Precautions For Processing Plastic Moulds

- Jul 18, 2017-

1, plastic mold processing, the temperature is the first step of injection molding, temperature can be divided into: drying temperature, material temperature, mold temperature, these are some of the most important factors. Drying temperature is to ensure that the molding quality and prior to the polymer drying, to ensure that the polymer wet and dry in a certain amount; the material temperature is to ensure the polymer plasticizing (melts) normal, while the Li, molding; Mold temperature is the skin size, appearance, forming cycle of important conditions to consider the control of the product in the mold cavity cooling speed, as well as the appearance of the product quality.

2, the speed is divided into: plastic mold processing process, injection mold speed, melt temperature, release speed, opening and closing mold speed, thimble forward back speed. The increase of injection speed will affect the increase of filling molding force, increase the injection speed can make the flow length increase, product quality uniformity to ensure the quality of products, high speed injection suitable for long process products, low-speed control product size; Melt speed affects plasticizing ability, is an important parameter of plasticizing quality, the higher the speed, the higher the melt temperature, the stronger the plasticizing ability; The relaxation speed is to reduce the melt volume, so that the melting chamber pressure drop, to prevent the outflow of the role; the opening and closing mode speed is one of the important conditions to ensure the production and operation of the machine; The ejection speed of the thimble is to ensure that the product is not deformed and the top is cracked.

3, pressure is divided into: injection pressure, holding pressure, back pressure, clamping pressure, mold protection pressure, top out pressure. In the process of plastic mold processing, the injection pressure is used to overcome the pressure loss of the melt from the nozzle-runner-gate-type cavity to ensure that the cavity is filled; the pressure is to reduce the workpiece due to the large injection pressure caused by the sticking of the die or bending; the pressure is to avoid the mold in the high speed and high pressure in the presence of foreign bodies, resulting in the mold is crushed;

4, Time is divided into: plastic mold processing, cooling time, sol time, drying time, cooling time, melting time, drying time, cycle, injection time, holding time. The molding of the product needs a certain period; the ejection time determines the size of the product, and the holding time is to prevent the melt from flowing back, cooling the contraction of the role; cooling time to ensure product solidification, preventing deformation, melt time is to ensure that the full melt, drying time to ensure that the product does not become elongated, undesirable factors.