Overview Of The Wine Cup

- Jul 18, 2017-

A wine glass, a utensil for drinking. The basic type is mostly straight or open, and the mouth is almost equal to the cup height along the diameter. With the continuous expansion of the demand market and the export growth of China's wine glass (wine) industry, a new development opportunity will be ushered in. 

The difference and influence of different shapes and radians on the aroma and taste of wine are great. 

Generally speaking, grape variety is different from wine and producing region, and the aroma, fruity, acidity, tannin and alcohol are also different. Glass won't change the nature of alcohol, however, the shape of the glass, can decide the flow of wine, the smell, the quality and strength, affecting the fragrance, taste of the wine, balance and finish. 

So, through the cup body shape guide, can let wine flow into the tongue proper taste area (tongue has four different taste area, after the tip of the tongue's most sensitive to sweetness, tongue to bitter the most sensitive, and tongue medial, lateral, respectively to sour, salty, the most sensitive), to determine the structure of wine with the flavor of the final rendering. 

Hence the, under this theory, for example, in terms of Bourgogne district of France red wine, because of the main varieties PinotNoir high acidity, using open Bourgogne glasses, can make the sweet taste of wine juice to flow through the tip of the tongue, highlight fruit, to balance the original high acidity; As for the CarbernetSauvignon varieties of Bordeaux area, due to the heavier fruit flavors on the palate, and the acidity is low, so, using relative slightly long profound Bordeaux wine glasses, can make the liquid flow to the middle tongue, and then to the diaspora, make fruit flavors, acidity mutual confluence, to achieve perfect plus state of harmony.