NEW! Reusable Singletrack Coffee Cups Here To Save The Planet – And Made Of Bamboo!

- Oct 15, 2018-

Coffee lovers

We love coffee at Singletrack – always have done. The first tangible asset the company ever really owned was a Wega coffee machine that Chipps bought for £300 from a bloke in a service station car park – true story.

We are as guilty as anyone for drinking hundreds if not thousands of coffees over the years bought from coffee shops both big and small. What each has in common is the cups they serve their coffee in. Harmless, paper cups – or so we all thought.

The problem with the humble disposable coffee cup is that it’s actually not recyclable – or where it is, it requires specialist recycling processes that effectively mean, to all intents and purposes they are really not recyclable and are pretty horrendous for the environment.

Especially when you consider just how many get thrown away every day. According to the Independent, in the UK we throw away 7 million paper cups every day! That’s 2.5 billion a year! And most end up in landfill.

Since we learned the scale of the problem many of us here in the office have taken to using our own reusable cups at coffee shops. To their credit, the big chains like Starbucks and Costa are now knocking £0.25 off your coffee when you bring your own cup and we’ve heard of other shops who are actually charging more if you don’t bring your own cup.

Starbucks are one chain that sell reusable coffee cups made of plastic but we aren’t that keen on plastic either, so when we got the chance to put our name on a reusable coffee cup made from biodegradable Bamboo we decided that it was time to set a good example with our coffee consumption and we’ve ordered a load for ourselves and now you guys via our shop.

The lid and heat grip are made from Silicone, which we didn’t realise until we looked into it is made from Sand. Literally no one knew that. No one! Did you? Anyway, it’s a lot better than plastic.

reusable coffee cups