Choose Plastic Cups Carefully To Avoid Repeated Use Of Burners

- Aug 06, 2019-

As the weather gets hotter, plastic water cups become a necessity for many people, especially children and teenagers, to go out.

Yantai disease control center experts remind the general public, if the choice of poor safety level of plastic products, long-term use will bring safety risks, the general public in the choice of plastic cups need to be careful.

Introduce an expert, because plastic water cup has modelling changeful, colour and lustre gorgeous, price is low, not easily broken wait for an advantage, love by the citizen deeply.

Most of the plastic water cups on the market today, such as space cups, are made from polycarbonate (PC), one of the main ingredients used to make polycarbonate plastic.

Bisphenol A is A substance that can cause cancer, which is related to prostate cancer, breast cancer and sexual precocity. Its harm to human body is similar to smoking, which is difficult to be decomposed after ingesting, and has accumulative effect, and will be passed on to the next generation.

The residual bisphenol A in plastic cups, the higher the temperature, the more release, the faster the speed is also, therefore, should not be PC water cup with hot water, so as to avoid increasing the release of bisphenol A speed and concentration, and if long-term use of such PC water cup to brew tea or drink hot water, will undoubtedly bring harm to health.

In the selection of plastic cup, should carefully check the production license, see whether its products meet the relevant safety requirements;

Second, look at plastic recycling signs.

According to experts, the plastic recycling logo indicates the basic material of plastic, which is usually located at the bottom of the plastic products. It is a triangle with Numbers from 1 to 7 in the middle to represent different materials.

If the triangle logo has A "7" or "58" in the middle and says PC underneath, the product may contain bisphenol A.

If you happen to have a PC water cup in your hand, how can you reduce the risk?

Yantai city disease control experts for the public "action", before the first use, with baking soda powder heating water cleaning, natural drying at room temperature, in the follow-up use to avoid heating, do not use a dishwasher, baking machine cleaning, do not direct for long in the sun, should not be in hot water or tea.

If there is any fall or damage to the container, it is recommended to discontinue use, as the surface of plastic products if there are fine pits, easy to hide bacteria, and avoid repeated use of plastic appliances that have already aged.