My First Time To Pick Up A Customer

- Sep 16, 2020-

 Today, a customer came to the company. We sent him a sample a few days ago. He was very satisfied after receiving it. He wanted to come to the company for an on-site inspection. The salesperson in charge of the customer went to the high-speed rail station to pick him up. But because of her was too busy, So arranged for me and a salesman who can’t drive to pick up customers at the high-speed rail station .It was the first time I went to this high-speed rail station. Both of us drove the navigation system. It’s not the same app, so I drove it on. The driving routes reported by the two navigation systems were different, which confuses me, so I turned off my navigation and listened to her navigation, because her mobile phone is loud. ! 


We arrived at the high-speed railway station safely and quickly received these two customers. When I left the high-speed rail station, the road was too wide, so I drove the wrong way. The first time I went to the high-speed rail station to pick up a customer was so unforgettable. Fortunately, the customer was not impatient and reminded me that it’s okay, not in a hurry, thank you Customers are so tolerant of me.

We had a very happy chat on the way back to the company, about the company's products, quality, delivery time, and the companies we have cooperated with, and the current market, and The company's operating model and development prospects.

When they arrived at the company’s sample room, the customer first glanced at all the styles of our products, and then took them to carefully look at the workmanship and details. After reading them, they sat down and talked with us, expressing that they are very satisfied with the quality of our products, and asked us to Several cups are quoted, ready to place an order.

Come on, Yashan!