Little-known Features Of Plastic Bottle Bottoms

- Jul 18, 2017-

The beverage bottle does not circulate uses the hot water

Use: Heat-resistant to 70 ℃, only suitable for warm drink or frozen drink, high temperature liquid, or heating is easy to deformation, have harmful substances to the human body. And, scientists found, 1th plastic products After 10 months, may release carcinogens DEHP, the testicles are toxic.

As a result, drink bottles, such as the use of discarded, not to be used as a water cup, or used to do storage containers to load other items, so as not to cause health problems outweigh the benefits.

"No. 2nd" HDPE: Cleaning supplies, bath products

Cleanliness is not thoroughly recommended not to recycle

Use: can be reused after careful cleaning, but these containers are usually not good cleaning, residual original cleaning supplies, become a hotbed of bacteria, you'd better not recycle.

"No. 3rd" PVC: Currently rarely used in food packaging

It's best not to buy

Use: This material at high temperature easy to have harmful substances produced, even in the process of manufacturing it will be released, the poison with food into the body, may cause breast cancer, newborn birth defects and other diseases. Currently, the container for this material has been less used for packaged food. If you are using it, don't let it get heated.

"No. 4th" LDPE: Cling film, plastic film, etc.

Wrap it in a microwave.

Use: Heat resistance is not strong, usually, qualified PE film in the temperature of more than 110 ℃ will appear hot melt phenomenon, will leave some of the human body can not be decomposed plastic preparations. Also, the food is easy to dissolve the harmful substances in the fresh-keeping film by wrapping it with fresh wrap. Therefore, the food into the microwave oven, the first to remove the wrapped plastic wrap.