How To Choose Plastic Water Cups?

- Jul 18, 2017-

Drinking cups are often used, glass cups are generally non-toxic harmless, can be high temperature, but the plastic cups are not the same, because of the uneven quality, some of the inferior heat is easy to produce toxic substances, the following small series to share the selection of plastic water cups.

1. See Use.

Water cup body will be marked for use, so the Water Cup to choose "Food" to do, marked with other uses of the Cup as far as possible not to buy use, otherwise it will adversely affect health. Do not buy plastic cups that are not marked for use.

2. Look at the material.

The water cup material determines the quality of the Water Cup, generally speaking, silicone resin is better, followed by polypropylene particles (PP), this kind of material high temperature, low temperature is very strong, the former temperature range is-40 degrees $number degree, the latter is-20 degrees---120 degrees.

3. Smell.

A good plastic water cup, even if the new smell will not have a very special odor, but some poor plastic cups, a close to can smell the pungent bad plastic or rubber taste, indicating that the quality of this cup is poor, try not to buy.

4. See the production license mark.

Water Cup production before the need for a specialized agency licensing, so the water cup body emblem has a "QS" production license mark, although the logo is not to determine the quality of the cup, but the water Cup with this logo can be considered for purchase. and the color of the logo should be pure, clear pattern, beware of counterfeit.