Errors In Work Should Be Corrected In Time

- Sep 16, 2020-

There was a small mistake in our business today. The customer asked us to send samples. The pictures were sent with carabiner, but the samples we sent did not have carabiner. He blamed us, and we sincerely apologized like the customer. Don’t get angry, send him a correct sample as quickly as possible, and get the customer’s understanding, and he also gave us the opportunity to quote other styles of cups, and also prepare to come the next day Our company inspected and inspected the goods. I am very grateful to him for forgiving small mistakes in our work, and he is still willing to give us the opportunity. This time sending the wrong samples also taught us a big lesson. We must be very careful in future work. Connect well with each colleague. We are a team. If there is a staff member who does not connect well here, then this thing will not be done well. In the future, everything must be done seriously and checked.

Don't be discouraged when you encounter problems, you must find ways to resolve conflicts, solve them, and find ways to make it develop in a good direction.