New Environmentally Friendly Materials - Wheat Fibre Cup

- Jul 30, 2019-

Wheat fiber plastic: it is a new green biological material which is composed of wheat straw and polymer resin by special technology. Wheat fiber plastic has the following advantages: green environmental ;protection: comprehensive use of crop waste straw, reduce the air pollution caused by straw burning;

 The products are biodegradable, low carbon emission and recyclable in composting for 6-18 months after waste. Excellent performance: its performance is similar to the traditional high polymer resin, moderate strength, smooth appearance and comfortable feel, no static electricity. Resource saving: kejia cup USES wheat fiber material, which can partially replace the use of traditional petroleum products and reduce the dependence on petroleum resources. The processing temperature is about 40 degrees lower than traditional plastics, which also saves a lot of energy. But the wheat fiber, after all, just the inside of the plastic filling material, the cup is not just "wheat fiber", that is added to the inside of the plastic material, not the main body, so be sure to find out what is the main plastic, the main body of plastic if it is food grade plastic so you don't need to worry, to use if it is other plastic could have BPA.