Water Transfer Process

- Jul 25, 2019-


Water transfer printing is a kind of printing that USES water as the dissolving medium to transfer the text and text of the transfer paper/transfer film with color pattern.

With the improvement of people's requirements on product packaging and decoration, water transfer printing is used more and more widely.

The principle of indirect printing and perfect printing effect have solved many problems of surface decoration of products.


The process flow

1. Make water mark transfer paper → paper immersion → pattern transfer → drying → finished products

(1) production of water transfer printing paper.

According to the need of design output film after computer processing system of plate, and then in the bottom of the water transfer printing paper (through special processing good paper need not do processing) on various design printing, in the fine print on the bottom paper printing cover oil again. Another way is to use color laser printer to print directly to the bottom of the water transfer printing paper and then in water transfer printing.

(2) paper immersion: put the printed paper into the water, soak it for 30 seconds and then take it out of the water, pay attention to the soaking time is not too long, or it will dissolve the glue on the paper surface.

(3) pattern transfer: firstly, the surface of the object to be pasted is processed, and then the soaked paper is transferred to it, and then the excess water is scraped off and dried.

(4) dry. Put metal, ceramic, glass and other types of articles in the oven and bake them for 20 minutes at 140;

Bake plastic products at 70℃ for 60min;

Candles, helmets, or reinforced glass are not baked.

(5) finished products: spray a layer of transparent varnish or matte oil or rubber oil on the flower surface of baked goods, and after 12h drying, the flower surface will be permanently combined with decoration. It is ok if you do not do this work, but the fastness is not good.

2. Water coated paper manufacturing → be transferred to spray primer after drying → film paper into water → spray activator on the film → object touch film transfer → water washing → drying → light oil to dry after packaging finished products

(1) water coating transfer film is produced by gravure printing machine using traditional printing process on the surface of water-soluble polyvinyl alcohol (PVA) film.

(2) pre-transfer treatment of the transferred material: wipe the surface of the transferred material clean, then according to the transfer material or transfer film pattern of different colors and components of the primer sprayed on it, drying.

(3) membrane paper into water: put the transfer film flat in water to dissolve 50-140s, and spray the activator that can dissolve the film without damaging the ink on the film evenly on the surface.

(4) transfer: tilt the transfer material into water at a certain Angle, and the speed should be uniform. After all the transfer material is put into water, stir the water to avoid other miscellaneous film and then take out the transfer material.

(5) drying after washing: the water pressure is not too large, to avoid damage to the pattern just transferred, then drying the transfer material.

(6) light oil: spray a layer of light oil on the surface of the transfer, to protect the pattern on the surface of the object, make the surface of the object shiny.

(7) finished products: packaging finished products after the light oil is dried naturally.