Color Changing Cup- Magic Cup

- Jul 31, 2019-

Color changing cup, also known as magic cup, in the cup into the cold water, the body will have color changes, before the color has not changed black, red, yellow, green, blue, brown, purple, light blue, light yellow, light green, light red, light purple, pink and so on.

Before the discoloration:


After the color change:


Technological breakthroughs

Full color cup technology breakthrough, price breakthrough price breakthrough

Full color changing mugs is the legendary color cup (full color changing cup is a cup body will change color except the cup does not change color), the first by a British company to develop and apply for a patent technology of European and American markets, in the Chinese market in 2004 by Beijing america-invested company beauty is introduced, it is understood that the company a year to pay the royalties company of Europe and the United States market.

Full color product technology at the time already very mature, because making specular type in the full color changing mugs, high technical requirements workers and imported raw materials, so the price is higher, although can produce the color changing mugs factories no longer rare, but make a good highlight full color changing mugs and certain product percent of pass, must have expensive professional equipment and skilled production workers.

In 2006, the raw material color-changing of the high-gloss full-color cup with a domestic coating was successfully developed by zhejiang jiangkou coating chemical plant and zhejiang university, which played a key role in reducing the production cost of the color-changing cup

The domestic market of full color changing mugs factory price gap is bigger, this is because each manufacturer of full color changing mugs factory qualified standard is not consistent and different raw material cost, in general, inferior smooth full color changing cup production process is simple and low cost so the price is cheap, caused by the mechanic technology co., LTD. Cup and cup with coating the surface bumps, not too smooth bad product price will be cheaper.

Other domestic manufacturers of the production of this product is basically based on hearsay or self-exploration.In 2004, there were factories in China that could produce steadily and export