Can Plastic Bottles Be Filled With Hot Water? The Seven Directions Of The Plastic Bottle Are Resolved

- Jul 18, 2017-

Plastic is more and more widely used in life, but there are always worries. For example: often plastic bowl, plastic cup, can cause cancer, might as well listen to the manufacturer how to make plastic problem clear. 

Actually, as long as it is the proper plastic goods, it is safe to use. 

If you look at the various plastic containers you normally use, you'll find that the vast majority of the bottom or the bottom side of the container have the following ICONS. 

Don't remember the classification? 

It doesn't matter. Go on. 

Can plastic utensils be heated in the microwave? 

The number 1 ~ 7 refers to the plastic of different materials, which also corresponds to whether it can be heated. 

The product will be clearly labeled "this product/no microwave heating". 

4 PE biggest advantage is that can easily cope with cold and hot drinks, that can tolerate the high temperature of 90 ℃ or so, also can well water, for packaging food is also very safe. 

5 PP is more heat, which can withstand temperatures up to 200 ℃, can use the microwave, repeated heating there will be no problem. 

The heat resistance of 1, 6 and other plastics is relatively poor. It is best not to heat directly, or to put too hot food, and, of course, cannot be used over and over again.