304 Stainless Steel Wine Cup Processing Process

- Sep 17, 2018-

1)shell processing process.

Outer tube picking - ► pipe cut-► water-► section-url bulge-► roll in the corner-► shrink bottom-► cut bottom-

-.com flat on the mouth-url flush-► flat bottom mouth -► cleaning drying-► test knock pit-► qualified shell

2)the shell processing process.

Inner tube - ► tube - ► flat tube - angle bulge - ► roll up angle - angle flat mouth - ► flat mouth - ► roll thread -

► Cleaning Drying - ► Checking Pit-► Butt Welding-► Test Water Leakage -► Drying - ► Qualified Tank

3)shell and inner shell assembly process.

With cup mouth-angle welding hole-► pressure in the bottom-angle soldering point-RS232 inspection welding port welding bottom-point bottom point welding getter-► vacuum-► temperature -► electrolysis-► polishing-► temperature measurement -► test polishing-► pressure outsole-touch paint-► pumping temperature measurement-► inspection paint-► screen printing-► packaging-► finished warehousing

304 Stainless Steel Wine cup processing process