Which material is the best plastic water cup?

- Oct 01, 2018-

Which material is the best plastic water cup?

    Of all the materials in the cup, there are more types of plastic materials. There are 7 categories, howeverThe most common and most commonly used plastic water cups are made of PC, PP and tritanLet's find out which of these three plastics is the best!

      PC plastic water cups are the most controversial, so why did the bisphenol A incident in the last few years become so controversial. It's been A bit of A stir, since the bpa was found in A PC plastic cupThe limit has gone down, and even many people have abandoned their plastic cupsHorrible, but only triggered at high temperatures, if you don't fill your PC cup with hot water.

Worry about bisphenol A!So the question is: can plastic cups hold hot water? In fact, not

Yes, because bisphenol A is only found in PC material at present, but not in pp material, when

However, this is not to say how good the pp plastic water cup, because some foreign institutions have detected pp materialPlastic cups release bisphenol S at high temperatures. 

What is bisphenol S? simpleIn A word, bisphenol S, as A substitute of bisphenol A, has similar harm to bisphenol A.

Tritan material, with the popularity in recent years, has gradually made people familiar with this plastic material.

Tritan material is the formulation material of baby products in Europe and America.

Not only does the substance contain bisphenol A and bisphenol S, but also does not contain any bisphenol substances, which can be said to be the most safe at presentIt's all plastic!

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