What are the varieties of cups

- Jan 06, 2021-

Cups are something we can't live without in our daily lives. Drinking water, milk, and juice all need cups. But as consumers, how many types of cups are there? Do we really know how to choose a cup? It’s okay if we didn’t know it before. Today, let me spread your knowledge about cups and let you know more about this thing we meet every day.According to the classification of materials, such as ceramic cups, glass cups, plastic cups, stainless steel cups, wooden fish stone cups, cloisonne cups, etc.; according to functions, they are divided into daily cups, advertising cups, promotional cups, health care cups, etc.; according to the meaning, they are divided into acacia cups, Couple cups, couple cups, etc.; according to the structure and craftsmanship, they are divided into single-layer cups, double-layer cups, vacuum cups, nano cups, energy cups, ecological cups, etc.; according to their uses, they are divided into vacuum cups, mugs, beer glasses, coffee cups, etc.;