What are the functions of the cup

- Jan 14, 2021-

It can face down the cup to cover objects;   2. It can be used as a weapon, with defensive and offensive effects;   3. It can be used as a substitute, as a temporary thing, such as serving rice, serving dishes, etc.;   4. It can be used as an ornament for visiting and appreciation;   5. It can be broken and used as a tool for self-use;   6. It can be recycled and used as a raw material for what you want

On the importance of drinking water, drinking water is one of the life conditions of human beings. Under normal circumstances, people have to drink eight to ten glasses of water a day, and each glass weighs 250 grams to be considered normal. Insufficient water will directly hinder the metabolism process in the body The liquid flows normally, so now basically everyone will bring their own water cup with them. Water cups with various materials and functions on the market, such as thermos cups, glass cups, ceramic cups, etc., are becoming more advanced with the development of technology , Developed a smart water cup that is very practical. The product has complete intelligent functions and brings a lot of convenience to people. With its superb sensor technology, it has won the favor of consumers.

The smart water cup includes a cup lid, a cup body, and a cup bottom. The cup lid is provided with a storage area for storing tablets; the cup body is embedded with an intelligent control system, the intelligent control system includes a control chip, and the control chip The display module, the button module, the alarm module, the communication module, and the storage module are connected to the display time; the display module is arranged on the surface of the cup body, and the button module includes a minute adjustment button, an hour adjustment button, an emergency alarm button and information Feedback button; when the control chip receives the output signal of the information feedback button, it sends a start signal to the communication module. The communication module sends the "medicine taken signal" to the doctor or family member; the control chip receives the emergency alarm button When the signal is output, the start signal is sent to the communication module and the alarm module at the same time, the communication module sends the "emergency signal" to the doctor or family member, and the alarm module starts the alarm sound.

Smart water cups can detect water quality. The water quality monitoring technology also uses STDS sensors and precise algorithms to obtain water quality data in the water cup for detection. At the same time, the water cup is equipped with a TFT true color screen, and the real-time water quality PPM value is directly displayed on the water cup color screen. Real-time data such as foreign body warning, water temperature, water volume, drinking water volume, etc. can be used without APP, just a tap, all kinds of drinking water data are clear at a glance.

  Drinking water safety hazards are all around everyone. If other soluble substances fall into the cup accidentally and are invisible to the naked eye, the smart water cup will remind you: there is foreign matter in the cup, please do not drink. These functions are of great help for those who have higher water quality requirements, such as children, pregnant women, patients, and the elderly.

  Intimate reminder, drink water on time, interact with color screen, invite toast

  As a smart water cup, of course, the most basic timing reminder service is indispensable. Girls who drink water according to a fixed standard a day can no longer have to worry about timing, just wait for their cup to call you to drink water.