UV plated sport water bottle and tumbler cup

- May 06, 2019-

                                                            UV plated popular water bottle

  1. kids water bottle hot color in produce: yellow , purple, pink, white, Orange, more time use tritan material ,  TRITAN is more safe and strong,

  2. Kids water bottle drinking use straw cover and colorful cover , have Flash powder and fluorescent        colour into In Injection Molding Technology, catch more shiny design art work. more kids brand like use glitter shiny in injection production, it is can be increasing visual beauty. 

  3. UV plated popular on the bottle cover, cup cover, and inner wall bottle, there is safe FDA testing          food standard, very bright and shiny , the color can be OEM pangtong book NO. it is ownself by          customer design. 

  4. the package: general package is PE bag every pcs bottle, then cross abord package, and white box      every pcs, some customer is use PDQ OEM design package,  some is based on our factory PDQ            design. 

If you have new inquiry or new design, please tell me if you have art work, 



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