The status of plastic bottles

- Jul 18, 2017-

Life is full of plastic bottles, plastic bottles and People's Daily life is closely related,

it is not known that no one is not familiar with everywhere.

There are also large plastic recycling bases in China, but the regulations are not regulated, and they are not good or bad. In addition to the use of recycled materials for many plastic bottles, people's physical health and physical health are harmful to people's health, as well as pollution in the process of transportation, which also seriously endangers the health of consumers. 

The ministry of health "food plastic products and raw materials hygiene management measures" has a clear stipulation: "every processing plastic food utensil, container, food packaging material, must not use recycle plastic." Recycled waste plastics can be processed into other supplies.

At present, a lot of businesses are driven by interests, and often choose to make products with low cost, which is really worrying. If you find impurities on the bottle during the use of the bottle and the transparency of the transparent bottle is low, be vigilant and polish your eyes.