The purchasing skill of the vacuum cup

- Jul 18, 2017-

There are many varieties of stainless steel insulated cups sold in the market, and the price difference is very large. For some consumers, they don't understand the principle, and they often spend a lot of money to buy products that are not satisfied. How can you buy a high-quality vacuum vacuum cup? 

First, look at the appearance of the cup. A look at the uniform and uniform surface finishes of the inner and outer gallbladder. 

Second, whether the welding is smooth and consistent, whether it is comfortable to drink water or not; 

The quality of plastic parts is poor. Not only affects the service life, but also affects drinking water sanitation; 

See if the internal seal is tight. The screw plug and cup body are suitable. Whether the spin is free or not, whether it is leaking. Fill a cup with a glass of water for four, five minutes, or a few hard throws to verify that the water is leaking. In addition, the thermal insulation performance is the main technical index of the thermos.

Usually impossible to check in accordance with the standards when the choose and buy, but can feel by filled with hot water after check, no insulation cup into hot water for two minutes after the lower cup body heats up, the thermal insulation cup bottom is always cool.