The identification method of the vacuum cup

- Jul 18, 2017-

Four measures to identify the insulation cup

The quality of the vacuum cup in the market is spotty. How should ordinary consumers be discriminating? People in the industry suggest that it should focus on the heat preservation performance of its internal bile structure, the sealing degree of the lid and the bottle body, whether the material will release the harmful material, etc.

which can be learned in four ways Don't Moves a tank insulation sex identification of this is the main technique index sign of the vacuum cup, filled with boiling water, after clockwise to tighten the cork or lid, after waiting for 2 ~ 3 minutes with the hand touch and lower cup body appearance, if found obvious cup body and a cup of warm phenomenon, then the tank has lost vacuum degree, cannot achieve good heat preservation effect.

The sealing property is filled with a cup of water for four or five minutes, and the cover is tightly closed, the cup is placed on the table, or a few hard slings, if there is no leakage, the sealing property is good. In addition, it is also important to see whether the combination of the lid and the cup is flexible and whether there is a gap.

Three parts environmental protection sex identification of plastic parts of environmental protection tactics is also a concern, can be identified by the sense of smell, if the cup is made of food-grade plastic, smell less, surface brightness, no burr, long service life is not easy to aging; Ordinary plastic or recycled plastic is a big smell, dark color, a lot of burr and plastic.