The function of the vacuum cup

- Jul 18, 2017-

The exterior is clean and clean and odorless, and after injecting boiled water, the warm cup can be called a good cup.

The inside and outside of the vacuum cup is stainless steel, with advanced vacuum technology, it is elegant, seamless and well-sealed, with good insulation. You can put ice cubes or hot drinks. At the same time, the design of functional innovation and detail also makes the new thermos cup more connotation and practicality.

The versatility of "a cup of multi-purpose" has become a popular practice for the new thermos. Almost every kind of vacuum cup has its own distinctive features, have a plenty of a double cover design, just click the middle of the little red button when driving, the water will automatically out, without splashing in the car;

Some of them are designed in the middle of the insulation cup, which can quickly filter tea and tea, which can be used by small white-collar workers in the office. Also have a plenty of double cup design, bottom panels lifted the lid and tea, sugar, coffee, etc., and made of stainless steel double vacuum tank, not only could hold water, also could hold water, such as some cup body also has the function of burning, the function of minimum temperature is at least more than two functions, and the most versatile vacuum cup have 4 ~ 5 kinds of function, both travel and home use is very convenient.