the function of the cup will be more and more

- Sep 18, 2020-

 The cup is a kind of daily necessities, and now the technology is advanced, there is a multifunctional cup. Now the volume of the cup body is fixed, and the cup body does not have a small spoon, which is inconvenient to use. The purpose of the utility model is to solve the above technical problems and provide a multifunctional cup.

The multifunctional cup includes an upper cup body and a lower cup body. The bottom of the upper cup body has no bottom. The upper cup body is buckled on the edge of the lower cup body. The upper cup body is covered with a lid. Place a small spoon inside the tube.

The cup can freely change the volume, comes with a small spoon, which is convenient to use, and the small spoon is used with the cup for easy cleaning.

Our technology is getting more and more developed. Now there is a disaster prevention cup with a flashlight inside, which is very suitable for Japan and some war-torn countries where earthquakes often occur.