the cold color change water bottle

- Apr 27, 2019-

The cold color change water bottle

The color change water bottle which also called magnic water bottle, when poured hot or cold water or liquid inside will changes color. 

It changes color because of the temperature sensor material on the bottle.  

    There are two kinds temperature sensor bottle in the market now,  the hot sensor bottle and cold sensor bottle. To make the bottle color change there are two ways. Painting for printing the paterns use the temperaure senor material maded painting or oil. There other is painting the material to a special paper, and insert the paper between the double wall of the bottle.(refer to the bellow pic)


The color change cup is very popular in the promotion and gift market. The adviertisers's print there product logos, photos on the bottle, make it much more attactive.  And a color change gift bottle is much more welcomed than normal. The changing color make the drinking enjoyable.