Plastic's advantage

- May 13, 2020-

Advantages of Plastics :

It's made from residual content of petrol/diesel, propylene and ethylene gas are the raw materials for polypropylene and polyethylene.

1.     Requires less heat (than metal or glass) for giving a shape.

2.    Can replace wood (from chairs, furnitures and what not).

3.    Plastics have been into your clothing (everything bother than cotton and wool is Plastics), so that mankind can grow more food in field instead of cotton.

4.    Plastics have replaced leather too.

5.    Plastics can be melted and reused (what is a bucket today can become your flower pot)

6.    Plastics extend shelf life of food- green vegetable, meat, milk or fruits. Farmer as well as consumer benefit.

7.    Plastics are safe for food and medical use. Ever wondered why the blood you donated or received were stored in Plastics bag ?

8.    Single Plastic parts have replaced dozens of metal parts from your car, which were all required to be bolted or welded together, thus making the car and More fuel efficient.

9.    Plastic pipes have replaced metal pipes for gas and water distribution, and have survived earthquakes and a century year.

10.  Plastics have been used in high voltage and low voltage electricity cable, fibre optics and also your mobile phones.

If only mankind would had appreciated Plastics and would had put efforts to recover/recycle it, but they preferred dumping it in sewage which goes in ocean, only to come back to food cycle.