Is drinking water from a color changing cup poisonous?

- Nov 02, 2020-

Drinking water from a color-changing cup is not harmful. The color-changing layer itself is applied to the outside of the cup. The reason why the color-changing cup changes color is inseparable from its unique structure. The color-changing cup is composed of two coaxially arranged outer cups and inner cups. A sandwich cavity filled with thermosensitive color-changing volatile liquid is provided between the bottom ends of the two cups. The outer wall of the inner cup is engraved with this layer. Art graphics channel through the cavity.

After the drinking cup is poured into hot water, the heat-sensitive liquid in the interlayer cavity will change in color and rise into the graphic channel of the inner cup, making the wall of the cup show an artistic pattern, giving people a sense of beauty and artistic enjoyment.

Therefore, the color change of the color-changing cup lies in this heat-sensitive coating structure, and the color-changing cup is completed inside the cup wall. It is a purely natural physical reaction, and it is a non-toxic, harmless and pollution-free plaything.

Because the temperature-sensitive material used is printed on the cup body, the material used is imported high-quality heat-sensitive material, which can reach a high temperature of 320 degrees Celsius, non-toxic, lead-free, and chromium-free, and can meet the European food FDA standards.

At the same time, the heat-sensitive material is completely isolated in the inner layer of the cup, does not contact the beverage in the cup, and does not cause pollution. Because the principle of the color changing cup is thermal discoloration, cold discoloration and discoloration when exposed to water, when the temperature of thermal discoloration is above 40 degrees Celsius, the color changes. Their principle is: the temperature-sensitive material is printed on the body of the cup, and the material used is a heat-sensitive material. High temperature resistance 320 degrees Celsius..."