How to print the pattern on the cup

- Sep 16, 2020-


     In the process of business applications and daily use, we need to print and process LOGO and patterns on the cups. The process of printing and processing LOGO and patterns on the cups is divided into four types for customization: silk screen, baking, sublimation, and engraving. The following is a detailed introduction for everyone Each cup printing method. Screen printing for cup printing and processing LOGO and pattern: Screen printing is also called screen printing. Screen printing refers to the use of silk screen as a plate base and a photosensitive plate making method to produce a screen printing plate with graphics and text. Screen printing consists of five major elements, screen printing plate, squeegee, ink, printing table and substrate. Use the basic principle that the mesh of the graphic part of the screen printing plate can penetrate the ink, and the mesh of the non-graphic part cannot penetrate the ink for printing. When printing, pour ink on one end of the screen printing plate, use a squeegee to apply certain pressure to the ink position on the screen printing plate, and at the same time move toward the other end of the screen printing plate at a uniform speed, the ink is moved by the squeegee from the graphic Part of the mesh is squeezed onto the substrate. Cup screen printing is also one of the common printing methods