How to make a cup that changes color when cold ?

- Oct 29, 2020-

Cups that change color when exposed to cold water. When I was not in contact with the cup industry, I didn’t know that there were cups with so many functions. In my past consciousness, I thought cups were just tools for drinking water. When I was in this industry, I discovered that the original cup is not just a cup for drinking water. It is processed through some technology. When encountering cold water, the cup will change color. It is really amazing. If you pour hot water, it It will change to the original color again. This kind of cup is very eye-catching everywhere. So what is the craftsmanship of this cup? What material is added to change the color?

The color-changing cup is also called the magic cup or magic cup. The outer wall is a layer of temperature-sensitive material, non-toxic, chromium-free, and lead-free, which can meet European standards. Fill the cup with hot and cold water, and the color of the cup will change. The color of the cup body before the color change is black, red, blue, yellow, pink, etc. The color change principle of the color change cup is to print a temperature-sensitive material on the cup body. The material used is a heat-sensitive material that can withstand high temperatures of 320 degrees Celsius. The color-changing cup is generally made of thermal transfer consumables, water transfer decals, crystal imaging consumables, etc. The color of the temperature-controlled pigment is different at different temperatures. The color of the cold color-changing cup will change if you pour a little bit of ice into it, and if you pour hot water again, it will change back to the original color, which is amazing.

Pay attention to the following points when using the color changing cup: 1: It is strictly prohibited to put it in a microwave oven, dishwasher, disinfection cabinet and other high-temperature places. 2: Do not soak in water. 3: Do not expose to strong light. 4: Do not scratch the cup with hard objects.