How to correctly choose the cup

- Oct 02, 2018-

How to correctly choose the cup

* the glass

From a health point of view, the glass is the ultimate. The glass does not seep out harmful substances; Water can be packed at all temperatures. Smooth and transparent, easy to clean, not easy to have dirt residue; There are many shapes.The only drawback is that it is easily broken. Go out with a glass, in case broken, both heartache and embarrassment. Glasses are also not suitable for children to use in case of a broken finger.

* plastic cup

Plastic cups are colorful and cheap to break, so many people will choose to buy plastic cups.Plastic materials vary in quality and use. How to distinguish plastic cup material quality? A simple method is to choose a cup with the word "microwave heating". The industry standard of this cup is relatively strict, and inferior plastic will not be used basically, so the safety is guaranteed.Use plastic cup must pay attention to clean and dry timely, otherwise it is easy to breed bacteria.

* ceramic cup

Pottery and porcelain cup modelling is beautiful, often draw multicolored graph, this can let a person unavoidably is these picture how come, have use harmful material?The patterns on the ceramic cups generally use glaze color process, divided into glaze color and glaze color.Glaze color is the high temperature of the organic materials to form the glaze, painting the pattern, and then low temperature firing to make the pattern fixed. The process allows the pigment to be present on the surface of the glaze. The pattern can be felt by touching the cup by hand.Underglaze color is to paint on the pattern before calcining into the glaze, so that the pigment is covered under the glaze, feel smooth, pigment is difficult to separate outSo should buy the pottery and porcelain cup with smooth surface inside, as to exterior surface can be optional, anyway water is not installed in cup outer wall.

* imitation porcelain cup

It looks like a ceramic cup on the surface, but it's actually made of plastic. The imitation porcelain cup has both the beauty of ceramic cup and the resistance of plastic cup, is very suitable for children to use.The copy porcelain material that formal manufacturer USES is called "close amine resin", the harmful material infiltration content among them is very low, accord with national standard, can be at ease use.However, fake porcelain cups are different. Generally, merchants of black heart will use "urea-formaldehyde quality" or adulterate other levels of melamine powder, such as A1 and A3, but only A5 melamine powder is the safe and qualified melamine resin.You can't save money by buying shoddy imitation porcelain cups.

* stainless steel cup

There are two kinds of stainless steel cups: food grade stainless steel and high manganese steel.The country is very strict to the standard of food grade stainless steel, want to be the stainless steel cup that normal manufacturer produces only, won't have heavy metal precipitation commonly.

There are rumors that high - mangansteel cup will infiltrate excess manganese, determined not to use, this is not scientific. 

Manganese is the trace element that human body needs originally, excessive just can be harmful to the body. Generally high - manganshan steel cup in the amount of manganese is very small, will not affect health.

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