How to choose children's water cups

- Nov 06, 2020-

Choose the right water cup according to the actual age of the child: the dual-use water cup for children in the transitional period is the most reasonable. Training to use a small child’s water cup to drink water requires slowly training him to master the ability to balance, but because of the low strength, it is best not to buy too bulky Children’s cups can continue to be made of plastic children’s cups that are lightweight and not easily broken. When the baby can hold a glass of water by himself, choose a porcelain cup or a stainless steel cup. Recommend a two-water cup for children with a lid. When the baby can't drink water directly through the mouth of the cup, you can give it to the child in the transitional stage. Install a straw assembly and it becomes a straw cup.

Pay attention to the style of the product: Although the major brands have their own patented designs, in the final analysis they are nothing more than duckbill and straw styles, but the details are slightly different. Take a closer look, parents will find that whether it is duckbill or straw, there is a difference between soft and hard. The soft mouth (tube) is generally made of active edible silica gel, which is closer to the feel of a nipple; the hard mouth is non-toxic plastic, which is closer to the title of the cup. Parents can choose according to the baby's preferences.