How to choose a stainless steel vacuum flask with good insulation performance

- Nov 10, 2020-

Nowadays, there are so many varieties of double-layer stainless steel vacuum flasks on the market, which makes consumers confused. It is difficult to distinguish the quality of the cup and whether it can keep warm. Today we will teach you how to distinguish whether a double-layer stainless steel vacuum flask can Keep warm.

   First of all, let’s talk about the heat preservation principle of the stainless steel vacuum flask: Generally, the body of the kettle is divided into two layers inside and outside, with air in the middle, which is a poor conductor and therefore has a certain heat preservation effect. The weight will be larger, the water will taste more easily, and it is not easy to carry. Nowadays, vacuum stainless steel vacuum flask is the best heat preservation method. The vacuum exhausts all the air in the middle, forming a thorough insulation layer inside, which achieves a relatively strong insulation effect. The thermos cup is made of stainless steel and a vacuum layer as a water container, and the top is sealed, the heat dissipation of the hot water inside will be slowed down, thus achieving the effect of heat preservation.

Remind everyone that you must read the instructions before buying a stainless steel vacuum flask, and do not buy three-no products. In terms of price, generally very cheap vacuum flasks do not have insulation quality assurance, and the price of stainless steel vacuum flasks with thermal insulation performance will not be very cheap. Do not buy inferior products for cheap. Generally, the instructions for the thermos cup will include methods for identifying the insulation performance. The specific method is as follows: first scald the cup with hot water, then connect a full cup of hot water, put the lid tightly closed and leave it for 24 hours, then pour it out and test the water temperature to know if it is warm.

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