How long can the thermos keep warm

- Nov 09, 2020-

How long can the thermos keep warm? This depends on the structure and material of the vacuum flask, and also has a relationship with the water capacity. 

Generally, the heat preservation time of 60 degrees water temperature is more than 4 hours, and the heat preservation time of about 40 degrees is more than 8 hours.

A good thermos cup must be at least 4 hours at 60 degrees, and at least 8 hours at around 40 degrees.

Extended information:

The thermos cup is generally a water container made of ceramic bai or stainless steel with a vacuum layer, with a lid on the top and a tight seal. The vacuum insulation layer can delay the heat dissipation of liquids such as water inside to achieve the purpose of heat preservation.

There are many factors that affect the insulation time of the thermos. From the perspective of using square corners, it can be divided into two factors, environmental factors and technical factors. Let's see why the two factors affect the insulation time.

1. Technical factors

1. Material of stainless steel: Use cheap 201 stainless steel if the process is the same. In the short term, the difference in the holding time is completely imperceptible, but 201 stainless steel is stable and perishable. After a period of use, the corrosion of the steel layer leads to air leakage in the vacuum layer, which affects the insulation effectiveness.

2. The vacuuming process: the most important factor affecting the heat preservation efficiency. If the vacuuming technology is backward, there will be residual gas, which will cause the cup to heat up after the hot water is filled, which will greatly affect the heat preservation efficiency.

3. The structure of the vacuum flask: There are two common structures of the vacuum flask: the straight cup and the bullet cup. Since the bullet uses an inner plug lid, the same material, the bullet vacuum cup will last longer than the straight body. , But in terms of beauty, size and convenience, the bullet cup is slightly inferior.

4. The caliber of the thermos: the smaller the caliber of the thermos, the better the heat preservation effect, but usually the small diameter will bias the design of the thermos to a small lady's cup, which does not have enough texture.

5. The sealing ring of the lid: Under normal circumstances, the thermos cup will never leak, because water leakage will inevitably lead to a significant drop in the insulation effectiveness. If there is any leakage, please check and adjust the sealing ring.

 2. Environmental factors1. Room temperature: The temperature of the liquid in the vacuum flask is gradually approaching room temperature. Therefore, the higher the room temperature, the longer the heat preservation time, and the lower the room temperature, the shorter the heat preservation time.2. Air circulation: Generally, when testing the heat preservation effect, a windless environment should be selected. The more air circulates, the more frequent the heat exchange between the thermos cup and the outside.3. Capacity: The more hot water is put in the thermos, the longer the heat preservation is.4. Water temperature: Usually the hotter the hot water, the faster the temperature will cool down again, the freshly boiled water is poured into the cup, the actual temperature is only about 96 degrees, and it will cool down very quickly after leaving it for a short period of time; the thermostat of the water dispenser The upper limit is generally 85 degrees, so the hot water temperature of the water dispenser can generally only reach 85 degrees.