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- Jul 06, 2020-

  1. YS155A


    Material:AS/Tritan+304/201 ss cover


    The bottle body can make different colors and  Cup body scrub effect,Frosted spray paint.

    Customized printing,color,package and design.

    The cover can electroplate ,painting with pantone color,the cover rope's color can customized.

    Printing Logo:silk-screen printing,heat-transfer printing.





    Customized printing,color,package and design.welcome to customized pantone color.

    The cover has handle and suction nozzle fuction, both of them color can customized.

    We are water bottle factory,have professional designer ,we can produce according to your design.





    DIY straw cup,customized color and printing,you can draw picture and write with colorpen by yourself,PET film,sequins,glitter paper ,polymer clay,foam balls insert.

    Screw bottom lid,pp material,the color can customized pantone color, the straw's material has PP,PS,AS,PE,PETG and so on.The styles have sprial straw,curved straw,straight straw and so on.

    Customized color and styles.

    The cover can make transparent color,solid color and electroplate.The color can customized.

    The cup body can make transparent color,solid color and painting,welcome to customized pantone color.

    The inner wall can make transparent color,solid color,painting,ice water color change effect.

    A cup can make a lots of designs,we are water bottle factory ,we can produce according to your designs and we must protect your copyright.



    Material:Double wall AS/PS +201/304 SS cover

    Plastic cocktail shaker bottle, sequins insert,customized printing and color,the cover can painting and electroplate.The bottle body can make transparent color,solid color and painting.The inner wall also can make ice water color change effect.Welcome to customized pantone color.

    Our factory has specilized in manufacturing plastic bottles for 12 years,we are water bottle factory,we have professional designer and we can produce according to your design,welcome to customized.