Cup heat transfer technology

- Dec 05, 2020-

Thermal transfer cups are also called bai thermal transfer baked du cups, thermal transfer mugs, and zhi coated cups. Dao is a personalized cup made by shu on the exterior of the cup through heat transfer technology.

Production Method

1. Image setting: The printing area of the thermal transfer cup is generally about 20cm*8.5cm, and one A4 paper can hold 3 images. Note that the image should be set to horizontal flip or mirror mode, otherwise the image printed on the cup is reversed;

2. Printing and cutting: Use special thermal transfer ink to print on thermal transfer paper or color inkjet paper, and cut along the edge of the image after printing, generally cut to a size of about 21cm*9.5cm;3. Cup baking process: paste the image on the cup and fix it with high temperature tape; put the cup into the cup baking machine and press tightly; the cup baking machine setting: 1) Turn on the machine and press the MODE button to set the lowest temperature for the first time (up and down keys) Adjust the temperature) to 180°F (about 82.222°C); 2) Press the MODE button for the second time to set the highest temperature (up and down keys to adjust the temperature) 310°F (about 154.444°C); 3) Press the MODE button for the third time Set the baking cup time to 30 seconds (up and down keys to adjust the time); 4) Press the MODE key for the fourth time the machine enters the standby state; 5) Press the box key to perform the operation.

4. The cup baking machine will count down 30 seconds (the set time) after the temperature rises to the highest temperature, and the machine will alarm after completion. Turn off the power, take out the cup, tear off the transfer paper, and a unique cup is finished (the cup just finished is very hot, pay attention when tearing the paper)!