Classification and identification of plastic products

- Aug 02, 2019-

01 "-- PET (polyethylene terephthalate) water bottles and carbonated beverage bottles are made of this material.

Dong jinshi points out that beverage bottles cannot be recycled to contain hot water. The material is heat-resistant to 70℃ and only suitable for warm or frozen drinks.

And scientists have found that after 10 months of use, the plastic may release carcinogens that are toxic to humans.

Therefore, the bottles are thrown away when they are used up, not used as water cups or storage containers for other items, lest they cause more health problems than they are worth.

"02" -- HDPE (high density polyethylene) is a plastic container for cleaning products and bath products. At present, most of the plastic bags used in supermarkets and shopping malls are made of this material, which can withstand the high temperature of 110℃. The plastic bags marked with food can be used to hold food.

Plastic containers that hold cleaning products and bath products can be reused after careful cleaning, but these containers are often not easy to clean, leaving behind the original cleaning products and becoming a hotbed of bacteria.

"03" -- PVC (polyvinyl chloride) according to introducing, the poisonous and harmful material that the plastic product of this kind of material produces easily comes from two respects, it is the singlemolecule vinyl chloride that was not completely polymerized in production process, 2 it is the harmful substance in plasticizer.

These two substances are easy to separate out when they are exposed to high temperature and grease.

At present, containers of this material are used less for packaging food.

If in use, never allow it to heat up.

"04" -- LDPE (low density polyethylene) plastic film, plastic film and so on are made of this material.

Heat resistance is not strong, usually, qualified PE plastic film in the temperature more than 110℃ will appear hot melt phenomenon, leaving some of the human body can not decompose the plastic preparation.

Also, wrap the food in plastic wrap and heat it. The fats and oils in the food can easily dissolve the harmful substances in the plastic wrap.

So when you put food in the microwave, remove the plastic wrap.

"05" -- PP (polypropylene) microwave oven box made of this material, 130℃ high temperature, poor transparency, this is the only plastic box can be put into the microwave oven, after careful cleaning can be reused.

What needs special attention is that some microwave oven meal boxes, the box body is made with no. 05 PP, but the lid of the box is made with no. 06 PS (polystyrene), PS transparency is good, but not resistant to high temperature, so cannot be put into the microwave oven with the box body.

To be on the safe side, remove the lid from the container before putting it into the microwave oven.

"06" -- PS (polystyrene) this is used to make bowl packing bubble noodle box, foam fast food box material.

Heat and cold resistance, but not in the microwave oven, so as not to release too high temperature chemicals.

And it cannot be used to contain strong acids (such as orange juice), strong alkaline substances, as it will break down the polystyrene which is not good for human body.

Therefore, you should try to avoid packing hot food in fast food containers.

"07" -- PC and other types of PC are widely used materials, especially for milk bottles, space cups, etc., because of bisphenol A contains controversial.