Bottled water is definitely a source of clean drinking water

- Aug 12, 2019-

The water companies you trust and their advertisements playing on repeat claiming that tap water is unsafe and causes tons of diseases are the same companies who just sell us that same water with price 2000 fold.

That’s just result of the manufactured demand. To boost their sale, water companies, which earlier were just soda companies, pressed on how the local water is unfit for drinking. They invested huge amounts of money on advertisements.

You won’t believe something like that if you see it somewhere in a newspaper or a pamphlet, but if it appears on the TV commercial every few minutes, the mind is compelled to acknowledge it and ultimately starts getting scared if the water pollution is getting to them and those nasty invisible bacterias might be dancing around in their drinking water. The result? More bottled water from ‘pristine natural springs’.

Although the quality of tap water is good in the US, many countries do not have access to safe water. Poor water management systems and immense water pollution have made the clean water not so clean anymore. The dissolved solids in the water are in high quantity and make it unsafe to drink.

Every second, 20,000 plastic bottles are bought worldwide. Studies predict that by 2050, there will be more plastic in the ocean than fishes. The amount of plastic water bottles used in the US in a week is enough to circle the globe more than 5 times. Moreover, the amount you pay for bottled water is mostly for the bottle, not water. Water doesn’t expire, the bottle does.

Recycling and reusing can help the situation, but the reduction is the accurate solution. Reduce the use of plastic throwaway bottles. Make sure you carry your own bottle or container whenever you’re heading out. Keep water filters at home.

The world needs to move away from plastic and the best way to start is by avoiding bottled water. Let not anyone sell you something which should be free. What will they sell next? Air?