An introduction to plastic bottles

- Jul 18, 2017-

Recently in the supermarket to see more and more new laudable some plastic packaging design, I believe that our designer as long as you go deep into our daily life and also find a lot about the use of plastic water bottles. This combination will be a perfect boost for plastic bottle packaging.

In addition to the packaging of plastic bottles and edible oil bottles, the domestic recycling rate is generally not ideal. We have mentioned more about this problem. These plastic bottles discard past grandiose, eye-catching design concepts. More emphasis is on the idea that people can use plastic bottles for other purposes after they are used. Obviously that's a good idea. 

At the supermarket, we see a lot of candy plastic bottles that start with a handle design. These wide-mouthed plastic bottles can be used for other things after they are used. Plus the handle is obviously very good to carry, for people to provide convenience, natural people will also improve its secondary utilization. Some of the children's plastic bottles are designed to be a very cute image of a star, which can be used as a piggy bank. 

Last, Please reject disposable plastic cups and straws.