a cup with a record of drinking water

- Dec 14, 2020-

Now there is a counting cup, that is, you can record how many cups of water you have drunk today. This is a water cup with a function. If we turn the lid, it will record once, turn it twice, and it will record twice, and it will show two  One point is to drink two bottles of water.  Our cups will have more and more functions in the future,

 It's not just a tool for drinking water

The utility model relates to a cup with a counting and recording function, in particular to a fluid intake tracking device (Fluid IntakeTracker) with a simple structure attached to a position that is easy to see on a cup, so that the user can easily know it at any time  Or be reminded to reach an individual’s daily intake of fluid (water) to replace other counting methods and avoid trouble or stress.

 Background technique:

 According to medical reports or doctors’ recommendations, most people must drink at least a certain fixed amount of water (about 3000c.c.) a day, which is very important for human health. In order to meet the above needs, most people often take a drinking water container (  For example, a cup of about 350~400c.c. or a sports bottle, etc.) is used as a water measuring cup to remind yourself that you can drink a certain number of cups a day (such as eight large cups, the total amount is about 3000c.c, or more)  ), however, ordinary cups do not have any counting devices, so that individuals often cannot know how many cups or bottles they have drunk, or whether they have reached the level of intake of a certain amount of water in a day.  Generally, it’s easier to forget or mess up the number. If you use paper and pen to record the number of cups or bottles every time you drink water, you sometimes forget to write (because paper and pen are not always beside the cup).  A better way can be adopted, that is, to use a paper cup or plastic cup (common styrene resin PS cup) with a general capacity of 12oz (12 ounces is about 340c.c) as a drinking cup, and every time you drink water  Mark the cup directly to record the number of cups you have drunk, but because you need to use a pen to mark it, it is still inconvenient to use. There are also repeated markings (such as eight cups a day, recounting the next day) or trouble finding a pen  , Relatively also cause the user's pressure; and this utility model is designed to meet the above needs, to solve the problem of how to easily record the number of drinking glasses.