Stainless Steel Children's Cup

Stainless Steel Children's Cup

Food grade double-layer stainless steel children's cup

Product Details

Food-grade double-layer stainless steel children's cup, cute cartoon pattern

Diameter: 6.5CM

Height: 17CM

Gram weight: 199G

Capacity: 300ML

Carton size: 34*34*36CM

Packing number: 50/carton

Net weight: 10KG

Gross weight: 12KG

This is a stainless steel cup for children. The material is food-grade 304 stainless steel. It is double-layered. The outside is cartoon printing, gloss paint, 300ML, and the weight is 199 grams. It is suitable for children. We can also equip it with a strap. It is more convenient for children to carry on their backs when they are out, so that your baby will fall in love with drinking water. Sealed and leak-proof, 360-degree rotation does not leak, strong and drop-proof, easy to open, safe material, heat preservation and cold preservation, cartoon printing, the color of pink powder is the most suitable for our cute little girl, we accept customization, and can customize various colors, boys If you like blue, let’s make it blue. Boys will love it if we print on small dinosaurs and sports cars. For girls, we will print on castles, princesses, and skirts. They must also like them. Christmas is fast When it's there, we can choose gifts for our lovely children. This stainless steel children's cup is the most suitable. It can keep warm for 12 hours and has a small capacity. It is suitable for the little ones. I wish you a Merry Christmas in advance.

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